Cairn Energy plc

Shepherd and Wedderburn’s relationship with Cairn Energy plc can be defined as one of longevity and trust. It first began when Bill Gammell, now Sir Bill – a former Scotland rugby international, founded Cairn in Edinburgh in 1980. The company was officially listed as Cairn Energy plc on the London Stock Exchange in 1988.

As its trusted advisor, Shepherd and Wedderburn has helped Cairn evolve and grow from an initial market capitalisation of £25 million to a company that returned US$4.5 billion to its shareholders between 2006 and 2012. The firm has acted for the Cairn on every major transaction and project throughout its history, notably as it focused its exploration activity in India. On the back of its discovery, development and production of oil in Rajasthan in the north of India – the largest onshore discovery in the country for more than 25 years – Shepherd and Wedderburn helped establish Cairn India Limited in 2006. The Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Cairn India on Indian stock exchanges raised US$2 billion and returned US$1 billion to shareholders and was the biggest IPO in India at the time.

As Cairn’s strategy has evolved, Shepherd and Wedderburn has been there to guide it. Having sold the majority of its Indian interests in 2012, Cairn’s focus now lies in the North Sea and the Atlantic Margin, including Senegal and Mexico, where it will progress its exploration assets and continue to replenish its exploration portfolio.

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Scotland in 2050: Realising Our Global Potential

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Building on our unremitting focus on clients and the contribution they make to the economy, we have commissioned The University of Strathclyde’s Fraser of Allander Institute to undertake a major research project to help Scottish businesses, organisations and entrepreneurs best position themselves for the future. We have used fresh insights drawn from economic data and long-term global growth forecasts to inform a conversation with our clients and key industry contacts, which will help identify how they – and Scotland – can mitigate the challenges and seize the opportunities in the years ahead against the backdrop of a rapidly-evolving global economy.

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