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Shepherd and Wedderburn recognises the importance of privacy and security to persons accessing the Shepherd and Wedderburn web site. For your reassurance, please read the following summary of our privacy and security policy.

For those who browse the Shepherd and Wedderburn web site but do not submit a form, no information is collected. For those who do submit a form, Shepherd and Wedderburn records your personal details, e-mail address and selections on its database held on an off-line server. Due diligence is taken to ensure that this information can only be accessed by Shepherd and Wedderburn staff, and is only used to send the information requested. Shepherd and Wedderburn is registered under the terms of the United Kingdom's Data Protection Act 1998, which limits Shepherd and Wedderburn's use of the personal data collected.

Shepherd and Wedderburn will delete your personal details stored on its database on receipt of a personal delete request from you quoting your personal details and original e-mail message or date of completion of form. Shepherd and Wedderburn does not create or use any cookies - small text files stored on your hard disk. Shepherd and Wedderburn does not share your personal information with any third parties.

Shepherd and Wedderburn will endeavour to respond promptly to any persons expressing concern about its privacy and security provisions, and to take appropriate action should these concerns be acknowledged by Shepherd and Wedderburn.

Scotland in 2050: Realising Our Global Potential

Our lawyers are privileged to work with clients who are leaders in their industries and sectors, in Scotland, the UK and abroad. We are currently supporting businesses in more than 100 jurisdictions, advising on specific projects, helping them expand their overseas operations or supporting them in entering new markets.

Building on our unremitting focus on clients and the contribution they make to the economy, we have commissioned The University of Strathclyde’s Fraser of Allander Institute to undertake a major research project to help Scottish businesses, organisations and entrepreneurs best position themselves for the future. We have used fresh insights drawn from economic data and long-term global growth forecasts to inform a conversation with our clients and key industry contacts, which will help identify how they – and Scotland – can mitigate the challenges and seize the opportunities in the years ahead against the backdrop of a rapidly-evolving global economy.

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